[DV4mini] Hearing only one side of Conversation

I am using the DV4 Mini into the home computer, I am only interested in DStar transmissions as no radio for CFFM, P25 or DMR. I am using the v1.61 of the DV4 Software.

When listening for example to REF001C I often hear only one side of the conversants, sometimes neither of them! And I can check this by switching to my Raspberry PI/ DVAP set up.

If anyone else has encountered this and has a solution I would be delighted to hear from them.


  1. Anonymous1/04/2016

    I have been having the same experience as you describe with the Dstar side. Using PC on Win7 and a Rasp Pi2. Have tried many versions of SW and FW all my settings appear to be correct. After two weeks of trying finally had a legit qso to UK on "DCS", but this was a fresh install on a laptop with Window 10. Have had no luck with Reflectors, can hear many on REF 30 C but no one responds to many calls even on the fresh Win10 install. Have seen this problem described on other sites and blogs. I am going to call Uli the US distributor next week and talk to him. Still trying.

  2. Anonymous1/04/2016

    Are you using the latest 'test' version 12-15-2015 (15-Dec-2015)?

    You should have seen many conversations about that on this list.

    It dramatically improves D-star reception as well as other features of Dplus.


  3. Anonymous1/04/2016

    The direct answer is - Yes. The software does have a problem receiving some traffic. I also have this problem and I am using the latest "Test" software. Re-installing the software will not fix the problem - it is a problem only the developer can fix.

    Until the developer decides it is worthy of his attention, the problem will remain. By all appearances, they seem to be concentrating on the DMR aspect of the DV4Mini with a lot of political infighting about how to access the infrastructure. Meanwhile we can only sit and watch the fight while a $129 dongle fails to perform to all the hype it gets.

  4. Anonymous1/04/2016

    Thank you Ron for suggesting I load latest test version of DV4Mini. This I have done and the panel appears on screen correctly but with an overriding message to say "VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing" This appears similar to the need to download Microsoft Visual C++ which I had already done. Now assistance appreciated to get over the VCRUNTIME problem.

  5. Do not try to copy and paste VCruntime140.dll from anywhere. Here some tips:

    1) Download and install Visual C++ 2015 X64. NOTE: the more you have a X86 computer, you must install Visual C 2015 X64, but X86 can work together.

    2) Install or update the NetFrameWork to versions 4.5 or 4.6.

    I have troubleshot following these two steps.

    1. Anonymous8/08/2017

      Thanks for the advice


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