Part 1 - DV4home - Basic setup and menu navigation

Part 1 - DV4home - Basic setup and menu navigation

Part 2 - DV4home transmit and receive with two actives modes and reflectors

It just works. Period.

I've got a DVMega, DV4mini, DV4home, and now the OpenSPOT.
Out of all 4 devices, the OpenSPOT is the most stable and just works all the time.
The DVMega is good, but lately the Raspberry Pi seems to lose connection with the DVMega board modem forcing me to shut it down and power-cycle it.
The DV4mini...well, I think we all know the horror stories with that one.
The DV4home is also an unmitigated disaster. Google "dv4home review" for more info on that one.

But SharkRF has come up with a simple, small device that just plain works and I've been running it non-stop for over a week now with no issues.

DV4home Review

All about the DV4home
Recently got a DV4home last week and have been doing a bit of playing around with it. I reported the numbered issues below to Wireless Holdings and they replied back that they sent them to the developer however I have not heard back anything else from them or the developer so I'm releasing my findings to the public so they might be better informed on this product.

Here is what I've found so far:
1) Audio quality is excellent both inbound and outbound.
2) Does not do Brandmeister "officially" - more on that later.
3) You can connect to both DSTAR and DMR at the same time however it will not play both at the same time - whichever one keys up first you'll hear.
4) On busy DSTAR reflectors the main display will crash after 10-15 minutes and the entire thing will be in an unusable state.
5) On busy DMR reflectors when not connected to a DSTAR reflector as well, eventually the main screen will stop displaying call signs and information. The green RX LED will also go solid. When it's in this state DMR still works, you can still transmit/receive however after about 10-15 hours in this state it will eventually stop working entirely.
6) The buttons on the handmic do nothing, just the PTT switch.
7) The rotary encoder is jittery - spin the knob "too fast", i.e. at any rate other than "dog slow" and it's either non-responsive or the counter starts going in the opposite direction.
8) The speaker in the box itself is only "OK". You're going to want to use to an external speaker. I use an old Kenwood comms speaker I had laying around.
9) On the web page interface the "unlink" option in the DCS menu doesn't work. The only way to unlink from a DMR reflector is to link to a different reflector. There is no "4000" option to hard unlink entirely.
10) No way to hard-reset the box back to factory defaults that I can find if you screw up entering your callsign and DMR ID so make sure you NEVER, EVER screw up the initial setup web page process.


So, in a nutshell, the DV4 Mini is a low power UHF transceiver and network gateway in a single USB interfaceable stick. The RF side is the "link" between your handheld and the stick. The USB side is the "link" between the stick and the DMR/DStar/P25 reflectors that they have been given the OK to connect to. My hope is that someday they'll have a way to connect to the DMR-MARC network and remove the need for a complete Motorola MotoTrbo repeater to get on the network.

I went back through the last few pages of threads and didn't see any discussion on the DV4 Mini dongle that is coming out of Germany:

DV4mini USB Stick for D-Star and DMR - HELITRON Online Shop

Looks like there is a US reseller gearing up to ship next month:

Wireless Holdings, LLC

You can download and install the DV4mini software from Index of /V1.6

Here is a facebook group everyone can join for help and support with the DV4 mini

I found the DV4mini manual . It looks like the software will support reflectors on D-Star, DMR, Fusion, and P25.

Fusion Reflector - not a Yaesu sanctioned reflector I assume (i.e. not accessible via a WIRES X box)

P25 Reflector - I didn't know such a thing existed

DMR-MARC has support for the DV4mini USB dongle

DMR-MARC made an important annoucnement that it can now support for the DV4mini USB dongle. Through a partnership with the DMRPlus network, DMR-MARC is now able to support DV4mini users through the addition of three new DMR-MARC talkgroups, which incliude:
DMRPlus USA (talkgroup # 133)
DMRPlus UK (talkgroup # 143)
DMRPlus South Pacific (talkgroup # 153)

These new talkgroups will allow interconnection between the DMR-MARC and DMRPlus networks using timeslot 1 and will configured as “on-demand”, which can be enabled using the PTT and will have a 10-minute inactivity timeout on the eight core DMR-MARC bridges. DMR-MARC also announced that in the coming months, it is planning to launch additional interconnected talkgroups, including three German language talkgroups, a French language talkgroup, and a Spanish language talkgroup as well.

DV4Mini DV4MF2 software installation

DV4Mini DV4MF2 software installation

After searching countless hours and trying many different how-to guides I decided the community needed a quick how-to guide on how to setup the DV4Mini & DV4MF2 software. After hours of frustration and many many trials and errors I've come up with this quick how-to video for you. I hope it helps you save some time in your DV4Mini adventures.

Please keep in mind this was created on March 30th 2016 and due to the rapid development of the DV4Mini & DV4MF2 software it could be out-dated rather quickly.

== Website's Mentioned ==

new function of dv4mini ambe for mic and speaker pc

new function of dv4mini ambe for mic and speaker pc


Pi/DV4 mini powered by DeWALT 20v tool battery

The Pi/DV4 mini with my DeWALT 20v tool battery with USB / jacket adapter. That adapter comes with heated DeWALT jackets or hoodies to heat the jacket and provide 2 USB ports to charge cells while wearing the jacket.

DeWALT battery and USB adapter...


pictures of a setup DV4mini

Here is DV4mini setup...

The Pi is now powered by 2a wall wart, but I have 12 Vdc adapter to go in a car or battery pack and I also have solar panel to charge up my battery pack that I made up years ago for all my radios to operate off the grid.
Here is the Pi / Dv4mini fully operational with wifi to hotspot on my iPhone

And all of it controlled by my iPad on the same hotspot from my cellphone.

Of course when at home I would not use my iPhone as hotspot by the house wifi or ethernet cable.

DV4 Mini pointed to a DR1x repeater

Does anyone have the fix on this problem below

We have multiple Dr1x's  with dv4 mini's pointed to them.  we have the   box checked and call sign inserted in the gateway box.  

The issue is the GPS  and call sign info does not get transmitted in DN   If we use VW the box then does pop up for a call sign but its blank.