DV4mini Firmware and Software Upgrade on Raspberry Pi

DV4mini Firmware and Software Upgrade on Raspberry Pi 2

I received a lot of questions about the DV4mini software upgrade on the Raspberry Pi 2, this video is showing how to do it easily. It also included the firmware upgrade procedure.

Note: In the DV4mini directory the Archives folder is not there by default, you need to create it. You can also just delete the older file you need to replace.

DV4mini Quad core raspberry pi software

DV4mini Quad core raspberry pi software
Typical running images...

link for Quad core raspberry pi software..
NOTE! this will NOT run on a single core variant. (tried and failed :-(  ) check out how many onscreen raspberry's on boot up!)
Also, a firmware update to v1.61 or v1.64 maybe a good idea also! (files at the bottom of page, if you don't have it, ready to flash!)
you can check version running on your stick at the top of the program window once the main Dv4 software is running.

DV4mini New Raspberry Pi 3 Image

The DV4mini software developers have been hard at work fixing bugs, especially with DMR, and making things work better. So, I thought it time to create a new DV4mini RPi image for your enjoyment. I first built my own image last year when I wanted to have turnkey vnc access to my DV4mini/RPi system.

DV4mini software sync 1 and sync 2 error

Hello, I wonder if you can help, I have tried all sorts of things and looked all over the net.

My dv4mini software keeps coming up with a sync 1 and sync 2 error. I am using a tyt380 radio and when it does this the audio I am sending is unreadable.

Do you have any idea what the error - missing sync 1: missing sync 2: means, i have set everything up correctly as far as I can see, but the software for the DV4mini generates a error?

DV4MINI Reveiw

I have owned 2 DV4MINI and found then to be something that could not be used at my Home.

I had many problems with Locking up for no reason, or Looking for DV4MINI stick and not found, or Looking for CCS7 and repeat over and over again and stop working( yet was told this had nothing to do with the DV4MINI stick). I have a disconnect sent from where I do not know them disconnect, would lock up in transmit mode for no reason or show call sign of a ham yet was other ham in the net talking and other Issues.

I could not keep the DV4MINI running over 3 to 8 hour with out having to reset and reboot.

I was told was my computer I have 3 laptops and 4 raspberry Pi the one laptop was Toshiba with 16gb memory, SSD drive and my net was cat 5 from router to computer with Net speed of 100mbps down load 10 up..

I spend over $600 trying to make Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 or Windows 7 or 8 or 10 to work and still lockup and issues. I spent over 650 hours trying to make work. I was in there help ask other hams and in groups and still did not work.

DV4mini Raspberry PI Raspian SDcard image

We have created an Raspberry PI Raspian SDcard image for the PI2 and 3 containing both the DV4Mini abd DV4Mini Compact software. This image will boot up only with a Waveshare LCD TFT screen as seen here:

It just works. Period.

I've got a DVMega, DV4mini, DV4home, and now the OpenSPOT.

Out of all 4 devices, the OpenSPOT is the most stable and just works all the time.

The DVMega is good, but lately the Raspberry Pi seems to lose connection with the DVMega board modem forcing me to shut it down and power-cycle it.

The DV4mini ... well, I think we all know the horror stories with that one.
The DV4home is also an unmitigated disaster. Google "dv4home review" for more info on that one.

But SharkRF has come up with a simple, small device that just plain works and I've been running it non-stop for over a week now with no issues.

DV4home Transceiver Review

All about the DV4home
Recently got a DV4home last week and have been doing a bit of playing around with it. I reported the numbered issues below to Wireless Holdings and they replied back that they sent them to the developer however I have not heard back anything else from them or the developer so I'm releasing my findings to the public so they might be better informed on this product.

Here is what I've found so far:
1) Audio quality is excellent both inbound and outbound.
2) Does not do Brandmeister "officially" - more on that later.
3) You can connect to both DSTAR and DMR at the same time however it will not play both at the same time - whichever one keys up first you'll hear.
4) On busy DSTAR reflectors the main display will crash after 10-15 minutes and the entire thing will be in an unusable state.
5) On busy DMR reflectors when not connected to a DSTAR reflector as well, eventually the main screen will stop displaying call signs and information. The green RX LED will also go solid. When it's in this state DMR still works, you can still transmit/receive however after about 10-15 hours in this state it will eventually stop working entirely.
6) The buttons on the handmic do nothing, just the PTT switch.
7) The rotary encoder is jittery - spin the knob "too fast", i.e. at any rate other than "dog slow" and it's either non-responsive or the counter starts going in the opposite direction.
8) The speaker in the box itself is only "OK". You're going to want to use to an external speaker. I use an old Kenwood comms speaker I had laying around.
9) On the web page interface the "unlink" option in the DCS menu doesn't work. The only way to unlink from a DMR reflector is to link to a different reflector. There is no "4000" option to hard unlink entirely.
10) No way to hard-reset the box back to factory defaults that I can find if you screw up entering your callsign and DMR ID so make sure you NEVER, EVER screw up the initial setup web page process.


So, in a nutshell, the DV4 Mini is a low power UHF transceiver and network gateway in a single USB interfaceable stick. The RF side is the "link" between your handheld and the stick. The USB side is the "link" between the stick and the DMR/DStar/P25 reflectors that they have been given the OK to connect to. My hope is that someday they'll have a way to connect to the DMR-MARC network and remove the need for a complete Motorola MotoTrbo repeater to get on the network.

I went back through the last few pages of threads and didn't see any discussion on the DV4 Mini dongle that is coming out of Germany:

DV4mini USB Stick for D-Star and DMR - HELITRON Online Shop

Looks like there is a US reseller gearing up to ship next month:

Wireless Holdings, LLC

You can download and install the DV4mini software from Index of /V1.6

Here is a facebook group everyone can join for help and support with the DV4 mini https://www.facebook.com/groups/10025

I found the DV4mini manual . It looks like the software will support reflectors on D-Star, DMR, Fusion, and P25.

Fusion Reflector - not a Yaesu sanctioned reflector I assume (i.e. not accessible via a WIRES X box)

P25 Reflector - I didn't know such a thing existed