DV4MF2 Software and Windows 10

I want to climb out the walls with this DV4Mini and Windows 10. I took my Windows 7 x64 PC and installed the DV4Mini software according to the manuals and instructions on the various web sites. The original DG1HT software, DL2MF software and DL5KV software all work perfectly, 100% what is expected.

I also have a Windows 10 x64 PC and notebook. I also installed the DV4Mini on them according to the rules. The original DG1HT software and the DL5KV software work perfectly, 100 what is expected. The problem is the damn DL2MF software that keeps on giving me the error inside the attachment.

I even un-installed everything, I mean everything and started over from the beginning, still same stupid error. Google is not very helpfull either. Any working suggestions please in the group or by email will be highly appreciated.


  1. Anonymous8/02/2016

    Turn of the bluetooth connection on your PC. Mine (windows 10 and 64 bit) will not find the mini and error also UNITL I turned the bluetooth off

  2. Anonymous8/02/2016

    Hmm, I think I had this bug too (there have been so many). I think the fix was to go back to this link:
    And install it. I had already gone to the Microsoft page and picked up the Redistributal from there, but I think there is something additional in this (older?) package (or deprecated in the later version that is still needed by DV4MF2).

  3. Getting an exception if I don't unplug DV4mini and plug back in before starting app.
    "Unhandled exception at 0x001ACB3B in dv_serial.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x02580000."

  4. My DV4 mini software just continues to search. I sent my DV4 Mini back to the manufacturer and they said it was working just fine. However when I try it on my windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Machines the software just keeps repeating that it is searching for my DV4 mini.

  5. It is a serial port issue. Windows 10 uses its own port. In device manager you should see under port? dvmini, but it always shows up just com3. My experience is that it will ether work initially on a computer or not work. Oddly, I have a cheap windows 10 tablet that it will work on, but no Windows 10 desktops.


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