Scanning for DV4mini

Scanning for DV4mini

I had my DV4mini up and running fine this weekend. Now when I fire up the program and have the stick plugged in, the program can"t locate the mini. It just keeps scanning for DV4mini.

I have updated it to 1.64
I have the latest version of the program running
I have down the 32 and 64 bit Microsoft programs that are needed

Don't forget that you'll need to enable(open) the ports on your router/firewall in order to sucessfully connect to the various connect servers/bridges. Here is a list of what I typically open up for(note: all UDP protocol)>

5G2 Routi


  1. Anonymous11/26/2015

    If your network is DHCP, you can try to release, then renew your IP address to help the application find the device.

    My network at home is static IP, so I had to check static IP , then enter the IP address of the host computer before the DV4 mini was found.

  2. Anonymous11/26/2015

    I have the same problem. Tried 3 separate Windows machines and 2 Raspberry Pis and nothing. So far, my experience is that it lives up to the name "stick"

  3. Anonymous11/26/2015

    I just got a US version of the DV4mini. Installed the software, and all I get is searching for DV4mini.

  4. Anonymous11/26/2015

    You may have a corrupt image.

    The DV4 phones home to CCS7 to ensure it is operated by amateur service rules.

    DV_serial is a little flaky, but will run on a restart of dv4mini.exe.

    Maybe ask for a swap?

  5. Anonymous11/26/2015

    In Expert settings tab, I see: [59DD39] connected

    But it still says searching for DV4mini and just keeps going.

    I have now tried on 3 different Windows machines and 2 RPis and nothing has seen it yet.

    And of course, I cant flash firmware if the software wont see it!

  6. Anonymous11/26/2015

    Go to the info tab and cut and paste your status.

    Here are the results from my device on a Win 7 Pro - Ivy Bridge-E host currently connected to REF004

    System Status:

    dv_serial: OK
    dstar : OK
    dmr : OK
    DCS-Refl : OK
    DMR-Refl : ?
    FCS-Refl : ?
    P25-Refl : ?
    CCS-7 : OK
    DCS data : OK
    DMR data : OK
    USER data: OK
    MASTER dt: OK
    Linkd list: no check

    Also, what COM port do you show associated on the USB port?

  7. Anonymous11/26/2015

    Go to and get the dstar commander image. Burn that to a SD micro card and follow his easy configuration instructions and you will be up and running in about 15 minutes. It is my favorite image and super easy especially if you don't know a lot of Linux. David KG7NKG

    1. Does the W6KD software support the DV4MINI . Is there a selection for it as there is with the dvap ?

    2. Does the W6KD image support the dv4mini ? Is there a section to select in the modem area of the image ?

  8. Make sure the dv4mini serial exe file is in the same directory as the dv4mini control exe. This solved the issue for me

  9. I received another DV4MINI, "free" with purchase of a Kenwood D74 and this new DV4MINI works as well as the one I purchased two years ago - nada. I'm running the March 2017 build of the Windows Dv4MINI software and it continuously searches for the stick and does not find it. I've adjusted the serial port number to something lower - COM2 which was not in use but the COM# does not seem to matter. I expect that the DV4MINI app is not compatible with Windows 10 Creative Update.

  10. Had mine working..upgraded to win10 reinstalled and sees stick ok and connects to room, but does not download users .....also the latest version for dv4 runs, but fails on install, thinks network is down.....could my pc be blocking incoming data to the app>