DV4mini Software

DV4mini Software

Firmware version V1.6 for Windows and Linux

Do NOT mix files of different versions. Run all files and firmware from this V1.6 or run all files and firmware from the older versions

INFORMATION: the reason for dropouts in DMR was found. The problem is in the network and the network programmers are currently fixing it.
Additionally we implemented a couple of diagnostic tools into the DV4mini software which helps to optimize the frequency correction.

The updates will be available shortly.


firmware to the 1.64 version

Actual firmware version V1.6 all the software packages require firmware V1.6, please flash the firmware if an older version is installed.

Its here: http://dv4m.ham-dmr.ch/Testversionen/Firmware/

A DV4Mini image is available for the Pi2 and be found here: http://www.laboenligne.ca/dv4mini/
Thanks to Pascal for hosting and providing great instructions!
(Pascal VA2PV Laboenligne.ca)