So, in a nutshell, the DV4 Mini is a low power UHF transceiver and network gateway in a single USB interfaceable stick. The RF side is the "link" between your handheld and the stick. The USB side is the "link" between the stick and the DMR/DStar/P25 reflectors that they have been given the OK to connect to. My hope is that someday they'll have a way to connect to the DMR-MARC network and remove the need for a complete Motorola MotoTrbo repeater to get on the network.

I went back through the last few pages of threads and didn't see any discussion on the DV4 Mini dongle that is coming out of Germany:

DV4mini USB Stick for D-Star and DMR - HELITRON Online Shop

Looks like there is a US reseller gearing up to ship next month:

Wireless Holdings, LLC

You can download and install the DV4mini software from Index of /V1.6

Here is a facebook group everyone can join for help and support with the DV4 mini https://www.facebook.com/groups/10025

I found the DV4mini manual . It looks like the software will support reflectors on D-Star, DMR, Fusion, and P25.

Fusion Reflector - not a Yaesu sanctioned reflector I assume (i.e. not accessible via a WIRES X box)

P25 Reflector - I didn't know such a thing existed



  1. Anonymous11/30/2016

    My DV4 Mini came in yesterday. I had a fiddle with it a bit, as my first install didn't want to install/load the MSVCP.dll file. I ended up downloading the C++ distributables from Microsoft and manually installing them. That fixed it.

    Second, I had to play with the offset a bit. I found the -200 Hz setting seems to be right on. The biggest pain was figuring out what talkgroups and timeslots were being used for the DMR+ network. I finally figured out the magic combination. For DMR+ (at least in the USA), reflector #4639 seems the best and you use talkgroup 9 on timeslot 2. Originally I was on timeslot 1 because I read on a webpage somewhere that was the correct timeslot. I could hear plenty of traffic, but apparently no one was hearing me. A little more Google searching turned up timeslot 2 was the correct one. Once I made that change, I could actually get people to hear me.

    I have it at work with me today and I was able to get it set up on my work computer, so I'll let it go all day and see how it does.

  2. Anonymous11/30/2016



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