DV4mini Quad core raspberry pi software

DV4mini Quad core raspberry pi software
Typical running images...

link for Quad core raspberry pi software..
NOTE! this will NOT run on a single core variant. (tried and failed :-(  ) check out how many onscreen raspberry's on boot up!)
Also, a firmware update to v1.61 or v1.64 maybe a good idea also! (files at the bottom of page, if you don't have it, ready to flash!)
you can check version running on your stick at the top of the program window once the main Dv4 software is running.

download link!

...Warning This file is large! 2.0gb

This zip file needs extracting, it contains the .img and instructions (PDF) in german. All credits to DG9FFM for his Efforts.
if you are going to use the network socket on the pi for internet, then you are ready to go, else you need to set up pi wifi dongle initially.

you need a blank 8gb tf card class 6 or faster, and win32 diskimager software (download zipfile below) to write image file to blank tf card.

After this is written, insert card on raspberry pi, and it should all autostart.

You will need to set software first time round, id number, locator, ect

If pi is repowered for any reason it will default to your settings.


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