It just works. Period.

I've got a DVMega, DV4mini, DV4home, and now the OpenSPOT.

Out of all 4 devices, the OpenSPOT is the most stable and just works all the time.

The DVMega is good, but lately the Raspberry Pi seems to lose connection with the DVMega board modem forcing me to shut it down and power-cycle it.

The DV4mini ... well, I think we all know the horror stories with that one.
The DV4home is also an unmitigated disaster. Google "dv4home review" for more info on that one.

But SharkRF has come up with a simple, small device that just plain works and I've been running it non-stop for over a week now with no issues.

DMR audio feedback reports are that the audio is clear with no packet loss.
Add to that they've released a complete set of APIs to remotely control the device for anyone who wants to build their own web-based or stand-alone app and they're light years ahead of the amateur radio digital hotspot competition with maybe the exception of the bluetooth-connected DVMega hotspots out there.

If only they'd drop a bluetooth chip or a full-size USB for wifi/bluetooth in a future hardware revision...
But I'm sure they're looking towards the future on that.

SharkRF team, you're on a roll. Keep it up!

I swear, Estonia is just like California's Silicon Valley...only with nicer people the last time I visited there back in the 00's.

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