DV4mini Latest Firmware v1.73! with new software

Firmware 1.73  now adds DPMR mode.

The support for DPlus REF Reflectors is updated, this fixes dropout problems. The quality of data coming from DPlus reflectors is measured and displayed since we found that about 2 to 3% of all voice frames are missing. These missing frames are replaced with silence frames.

Remember.., if you loose the dongle and the hardware dosen't see it. There's a link on the dongle board that can be shorted, as in the manual to force the bootloader to become active. Allowing you  to then program the firmware...

Raspberry pi tip!

Here i run the dv4dongle on raspberrypi2. Without any video, keyboard, or mouse involved. If the power drops, on repowering the rpi will autostart the DV4mini dongle!!

Here's how.

Firstly make sure that the dv4mini is working ok on raspberry pi

frequency, reflector, call ,ect.

load up file manager from main menu. and check the hidden files box from view menu.  Now look for .config folder.

Inside this folder  make new folder called AUTOSTART.  Then from the main desktop, drag ur dv4mini start up icon into the newly created AUTOSTART folder. All done!

So when you restart raspberry pi. with power lead,dongle and either network lead or wifi dongle it will boot up and boot dv4mini software and run happily on its own!

The new v1.73s/w is able to utilise cheap chinese dpmr handsets is great,( with fusion style rooms, with echo facility on reflector 99)

Also the new software has an adjustment feature.

first (very important! ) Disconnect dv4mini   from any reflector that maybe in use.

goto expert settings, key radio and under
qrg rx/tx settings you will now see a bar showing link data quality. the qrg rx/tx dropdown menu can now be adjusted for lowest errors!

The zip files are at bottom of page. (DV4_v1.6x) contains both the pc software installer and the firmware for the dv4mini stick.

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