DV4mini setup

DV4mini setup

installed my DV4mini on a Raspberry Pi linked to a TYT MD-380 radio this week and they seem to be working fine together.  However, I hear very very little traffic, if any, from any reflectors, even when scanning via the DV4mini control panel.  I do hear a "Connected to xxxx" announcement when I connect to some reflectors, which tells me I am linked up OK and the dongle and the radio are communicating.  The dongle shows xmitting when I key the radio.

So, why am I not hearing any QSO's?

Question #2, What does the "Echo" icon on the DV4mini control panel do ? 

OK, a third Question.  What reflectors are generally the busiest?


  1. Anonymous8/02/2016

    Excellent! To answer you other question, here is one of many places you can get the list:

  2. Anonymous8/02/2016

    assume u are talking about DMR talkgroup reflectors? Take a look at one of the Netwatch dashboards and look for activity. Not all the talkgroups are available via the DV4mini. TAC310 and 3100 are active on a lot of repeaters and can also be found on your DV4mini software.

    If you are talking about DStar reflectors, tune to REF001C or 30C, there is always US and worldwide activity there.

  3. Anonymous8/02/2016

    Try listening to hoseline. It has a 'last heard' list, and if you click on the TG number, you can monitor. This will give you an idea of which TGs aremost active.


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