What is The DV4mini

What is The DV4mini?

DV4mini Dongle is a tiny but powerful USB stick that can change any PC into a HOTSPOT for the modes D-Star, DMR (C4FM Fusion) and now DPMR

It contains a powerful 32-bit micro controller as well as a complete 70cm transceiver and modulator/demodulator for GMSK and 4FSK (including raised cosine) as well as a USB interface. 

It does not require its own power supply as it is powered through the USB interface.

Thanks to a power saving voltage transformer even older USB interfaces will suffice.Uses a comprehensive but simple to use software package which allows for the linking with DCS reflectors for both D-Star and DMR reflectors. 

But remember on DMR that this will not get you into the DMR Marc network, it will only get you into the DMR+ "Hytera" network for now.

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